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Fastest Weight Loss Drink & Bye Bye Belly Fat

Figuring out how to lose belly fat is often the hardest part of weight loss for most people.Belly fat can actually be very dangerous for your health, it can cause a slew of health issues from diabetes, to heart disease, sleep apnea and even some cancer. Plus it’s uncomfortable and can lower self esteem.Visceral fat in the midsection… Read More »

Triphala Powder Benefits For Skin And For Hair And Best For Constipation

Getting your digestive system to work properly is a never-ending game of trial and error. Wrong lifestyle habits could lead to bloating, constipation and other issues that indicate your intestinal tract is not in check. Chronic constipation is a condition that is not just frustrating, but can also cost your overall health. Constipation is a condition in which there… Read More »

How To Get White Skin Naturally

Lemon is known to be a superior bleaching agent and scrubbing about half a lemon on your face regularly will help lighten your skin tone. This is one of the simplest yet effective home remedies for fair skin.The juice of one potato can be squeezed and applied to your face; do it regularly and you will notice a… Read More »

5 Signs of Calcium Deficiency and How To Get More Calcium in Your Diet

Dubai: It’s important to keep your bones and muscles strong and healthy in order to be able to tackle runs of all distances and efforts. And while logging miles regularly and cross-training no doubt help, certain minerals do, too.Among them? Calcium—which also happens to be one of the body’s most important minerals in general,according to Victoria Kang,D.O., family… Read More »

Home Remedies For Paralysis To Immediately Cure

Paralysis is referred to as loss of capability to move muscles. It is a condition in which the muscles do not move properly or work, this is called Muscle function loss.It can affect any part of the body. It often includes loss of feeling in the affected area. It may be temporary or permanent, partially or complete ,… Read More »

Diabetes Treatment with Home Remedy, Lower Blood Sugar Levels Naturally

Islamabad: More than 26pc of the country’s population, 27.4 million people over the age of 20, are suffering from type 2 diabetes and 14.47pc are at risk of getting diabetes.Moreover, according to the National Diabetes Survey of Pakistan 2016-17, there is an overall 52.6pc prevalence of hypertension or high blood pressure in the country, including 27.9pc known cases… Read More »

Is Chia seeds good for weight loss

Remember those ch-ch-ch-chia commercials? Well, chia seeds have come a long way since the days of terracotta Chia “pets.” You’ve probably seen delicious-looking puddings and smoothies made with chia seeds popping up on your Instagram feed a lot recently.Chia seeds have even been called a superfood in recent years. Claims abound about the health benefits, including that they… Read More »

Remove Your Wrinkles With Simple Home Remedy

Who doesn’t want to look young forever? This craze has led to not only treatments like botox being popularized but also weird snail facials, placenta facials being tried by many women the world over. But what most people don’t know is that nature already has many remedies in store for us.The vitamin C present in lemons is a… Read More »

Homemade Remedy For A Newborn Baby

All babies are born with some immunity to illness. Even so, it takes time for their brand-new immune systems to fully mature. This makes babies susceptible to viral infections, which cause colds.There are over 200 types of virusesTrusted Source that can cause colds. Luckily, most of the colds your baby gets will help increase their immunity. Even so, their very… Read More »

Diamond Milkshake To Look Younger Than Your Age

We all strive for a healthy, glowing and younger looking skin. Happy skin is a reflection of a healthy mind and a healthy body. In order to achieve this, most of us try a hundred products but sadly, not all products show the results as expected. This is because most of them show results which wane away in a… Read More »