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Stomach Acidity, Bloating and Gas Pain Causes and Treatment with Home Remedy

However, you may need to start looking at more than just the traffic lights and start studying the ingredients list, even if it’s low in sugar and fat. ‘Check the ingredients list first, if you can’t pronounce it, it might not be good for you,’ suggests Mr. Hay. Next time you’re umm-ing and ahh-ing over a product ingredient… Read More »

How to Reduce Weight Fast Naturally with Homemade Best Remedy

Eating too much salt may be a trigger for obesity – no matter how many calories of other food you consume. British scientists found that every extra gram of salt that a person eats each day increases their risk of obesity by 25 percent. Even when they took into account the total amount of food individuals ate, salt… Read More »

White Hair Problem Solution

In this article, we list several natural treatments a person can do at home to help their hair look and feel thicker.Thin or thinning hair is a widespread condition. Men often experience hair loss from male pattern baldness, but both women and men may experience thin hair in their lifetime.No matter what the cause, it may be possible to help hair… Read More »

Best Hair Mask For Damaged Hair & Healthy Hair Mask to Stop Hair Loss Naturally

If you are wondering the best ways in which you can use honey for hair, we have got you covered with few simple yet effective natural home remedies that you can easily try at home and bid adieu to hair problems. There are numerous honey hair masks that can prove helpful.Note: We recommend use of Dabur Honey in the remedies… Read More »

If you want to save yourself from Baldness there is a 100 percent effect Remedy

There are many things you can do to slow or stop hair loss. But what to do depends on the reason why you’re losing your hair.Some situations, like hair loss after pregnancy (telogen effluvium), may resolve on their own. And remember that everyone sheds hair daily, which is perfectly normal.It’s when hair loss is persistent that you want to see… Read More »

Lower Back Pain Relief with Natural Home Remedy

Dubai: The back bears the entire body weight, and when the lower back pain aggravates, it makes a person lazy in doing day to day chores. At first, I thought someone had hit me hard on my back. I was horrified to think what if the lower half of my body lost sense! I survived on hot and… Read More »

Science Based Health Benefits of Moringa for Men and Women

Nuts contain edible, natural oils that nourish your skin, nails, hair, and body. Be sure to choose natural, unsalted nuts (walnuts, pecans, almonds, cashews, Brazil nuts, peanuts, etc.) to snack on instead of candies, chips, and other empty foods. Nuts are a healthy, nourishing, skin-friendly alternative to mass-produced snacks, that damage your health and your skin. To give… Read More »

Can White Hair Turn Black Naturally

One of the most vexing outcomes of modern lifestyle is white hair. Nothing matches the dread you feel at the appearance of your first white strand. You know that there will be more to follow, and you look for remedies and treatments that might stop the inevitable. And here, we are talking about premature graying.The occurrence of white… Read More »

INSTANT WHITENING Home Remedy For Hands And Feets

Do you feel too ashamed to remove your shoes in public because of cracks in your heels? While we spend a lot of time caring for our face, our feet are mostly ignored. It is this lack of care and hygiene that causes your heels to crack. If that is the case, we have got you covered.Your kitchen is a treasure trove of amazing products with medicinal value that can treat many daily ailments, including the… Read More »