Non Stop Hair Growth With Simple Home Remedy

Just as your skin needs care and nourishment, your tresses too require your loving attention. A basic hair care routine can go a long way in ensuring healthy hair. Experts caution against an overdependence on chemical products though, when it comes to chalking out a robust hair care plan. Instead, look for natural remedies — in fact, you can find some… Read More »

How to Stop Hair Fall and Grow Hair Fast at Home in 7 Days

It depends on personal preference,” she continued. “I have been hearing a lot about this idea of not washing hair.Unlike hand washing, which is key to prevent spreading of disease, washing of hair is more related to how we want to look and feel. “It’s the surfactant which surrounds dirt and oils and washes them down the drain… Read More »

Fenugreek Health Benefits

The home remedies for leucorrhoea or leukorrhea include eating a healthy and nutritious diet, practicing good hygiene, exercising regularly, and using a decoction made of fenugreek seeds and basil leaves. Other home remedies include coriander seeds, mango, neem, aloe vera, okra, Indian gooseberry, and bananas. Maintaining good hygiene will also help you prevent many vaginal infections and also… Read More »

Wazifa for break bad habits

Human is surrounded by the galaxy of problems. We live in a world where every morning brings a new challenge and new struggle.When the problems become giant from an ant. It many-a-times leads cowards for suicide.This is a lovely dua to remove financial difficulties of your life, a king wazifa for love, a wazifa for problems in love marriage or… Read More »