Hair growth oil – Revealing the procedure to prepare mint infused

By | December 24, 2017

Are you looking for the best hair growth oil that will give you enviously long hair? Most people do not want to opt for chemical based hair growth oil. This is why we will unveil a great homemade hair oil recipe that will help to grow your hair.

Best hair growth oil that you should try

You might be surprised to know that mint oil can turn out to be the best oil for hair growth.  Let us explore the ingredients of this hair growth oil.


  • A few mint leaves ( Ideally, a sprig)
  • One small bottle of coconut oil

You will also need a muslin cloth, container having a lid and a glass bottle.


  • First, make sure that you use a clean bottle to prepare the hair growth oil so wash and dry the bottle.
  • Make sure that you wash the mint leaves also and put them in the container.
  • Add the whole bottle of coconut oil in the container to prepare long hair oil. The leaves should be drowned completely in the oil.
  • Put the lid on the container and place it under the sunlight. You should also shake this bottle of hair oil for long hair every now and then.
  • After about two to three days transfer the mint infused hair regrowth oil from the container to the glass bottle. It is important that you should strain this oil using the muslin cloth before adding it to the bottle.

Now, your mint infused hair growth oil is ready and you can use it as long as you like. This fast hair growth oil answers the question how to grow hair and can be termed as the best hair growth treatment so do try it out by all means.

How to use

Take a small quantity of this oil in your hands and massage it in your scalp.