Hair Fall Causes and Cure with Home Remedy

By | December 24, 2017

Hair fall causes are different for different people. Sometimes it is the physical trauma due to illness, accident or surgery. Other hair fall reasons include lack of protein, too much vitamin A, pregnancy, heredity, emotional stress, and anemia, deficiency of vitamin B, chemotherapy and medications. In either case, hair loss is worrisome. People look for ways how to prevent hair fall. It is also noticed that people with thinner hair usually have more hair problems. Unfortunately, there is no food for hair loss prevention. Now how to stop hair loss when the reasons are for hair loss are unclear. The right way is to use a home remedy that stops thinning hair.

Effective Home Remedy for Preventing Hair Loss

This home remedy stops hair fall, and the ingredients you need for it are:


  • Coconut milk, one cup


  • Place freshly extracted coconut milk in a clean and dry cup.

How to Use

Take a dry dye brush, and use it to apply the coconut milk to your scalp. You should do it gently and ensure that coconut milk reaches every area of your scalp. The next step is to take a towel and cover your head with it for about twenty minutes. Then remove the towel and use cold water to rinse your hair. Now shampoo your hair and avoid using hair dryer. Repeat the process once a week, and your will notice significant reduction in hair fall regardless of the hair fall causes.

The healthy fats and vitamin E present in the coconut milk are very effective for moisturizing your hair and keeping them healthy. Coconut milk contains potassium, minerals and proteins which are excellent for hair growth. Use of coconut milk is known as the best method for reducing hair loss. In addition, you can massage your scalp with coconut oil for even better results. This remedy is good for both men and women whatever are the hair fall causes.


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